As you know, we at Eventbrite love making it easy for you to spread the word about your events and build buzz in a visible way. That’s why we prominently feature sharing icons at the top of your registration page: we want to make it a snap for attendees to instantly blast their ticket purchases through social networks.

Eagle-eyed organizers have probably noticed a change to these icons in recent weeks. We decided to streamline the icons to focus on—and enlarge—the ones that attendees use the most. As you can see, there are now 4 buttons:These are the internal “Invite friends” button (attendees press on it to send an email to friends), Twitter share, LinkedIn share, and Facebook “Like.” The “Like” capability is brand-new, and we’re particularly excited about it!

We’ve already been seeing attendees make great use of the streamlined icons, and we’re psyched for the added buzz they’ll bring to your events.