Now you can send email invitations for your events and offer three response choices: Yes, No, and Undecided. When an attendee selects “Yes,” they will be prompted to place an order on your event page. When an attendee selects “Undecided” or “No”, they will be able to send a message back to you.

The attendee’s response and message or order information will appear on the Invitation Status page. From this page, you can resend email invitations and view who has opened the invite and clicked on the “Respond Now” link.

Start tracking RSVP’s today!!

Learn more about this feature here.

Note: This is a Premium feature. If you are currently a Basic account holder, you can easily upgrade to Premium by logging in to your account and clicking on the red “Upgrade to Premium” link. There is no risk to upgrading because you can downgrade your account anytime from the MY ACCOUNT link.