The Eventbrite team has finally settled into a cozy new shared environment. We are kind of in an industrial loft, adjacent to a couple of great companies, where we all work under the same roof, but in our own separate corners, literally! Think of it as room mates, but in this case, we’re office mates. Not bad considering the floor space. Each in our own private corners, yet close enough to meet for lunch or perhaps a game of foosball.

Location wise, well, we cannot complain. We’re situated directly across from the San Francisco Giants ballpark, with all the surrounding amenities, like galleries, local eateries, and best of all, the view of the bay. That’s just to name a few. Oh, and how can we forget another one of our perks, all the great coffee shops that encircle us.

As we continue to reach some milestones, we may run into some bumps and bugs, however, we will carry on with diligence and loyalty to our users.

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