Welcome to our new and improved Eventbrite Blog! We’ve been working hard on a lot of exciting and useful new features. We wanted to take a moment to recap all of the new features we’ve added as well as give you a sneak peek at what’s to come!

NEW NAME! At the beginning of October, we retired the name Mollyguard and relaunched with a new name & brand:

We feel Eventbrite encompasses our philosophy to provide excellent, convenient and friendly registration services. Tell us what you think here.

Along with our new name and logo, please see the new, exciting features we have just launched:

1. Attendee Survey: collect information from EACH attendee during the registration process, not just the ticket buyer!

2. Improved Attendee Report: view each attendee with new filtering and sorting tools. Easily edit each attendee’s information.

3. Ticket Order Report: view each ticket order and easily refund/edit the entire ticket order or just partial orders.

4. Donation Format: offer a blank text field on your registration page for attendees to donate a self-designated amount to your organization.

5. Minimum Ticket Order/Group Discount: offer group discounts by designating a minimum ticket order quantity for certain ticket types.

6. Show Attendee List: publish a list of attendees on your registration page so others can so who is attending your event.

7. Show Tickets Remaining: show how many of each ticket type is remaining on your registration page.

8. Offer alternative “offline” payment options: give your attendees the option of paying by check, paying at the door or receiving an invoice. Collect the attendee data and track the receipt of offline payments in your account.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these new features, please click here.

Here is a sneak peek on the new features we’re currently working on:

1. Save email invitation lists: have the ability to save lists of invitees whom you’ve sent your event invitation to easily send out reminders and notices.

2. RSVP tracking: see who has responded to your event invitation and accept “no” replies as well as registrations.

3. Multi-User Administration: allow for others in your organization to access your Eventbrite account and give defined permissions to additional users.

4. Ticket Type “start time”: set a start time for your ticket types so they will automatically appear on your registration page without having to manually add them.

5. Forums: share your ideas, questions and comments with other event holders on the Eventbrite forum.

And much, much more!

Please send us your feedback and feature requests here. Eventbrite is committed to excellent customer service! It is our top priority to listen to what YOU need and to meet those needs in a timely manner.

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The Eventbrite Team