New homepage feature: "Popular events"

One of our favorite tools on the new homepage is the “popular events” feature. Located in the middle of the page, it displays an instantly updated list of the most popular local gatherings calculated by ticket sales—and it does this automatically, based on the user’s location. Pretty fun, huh? It also orders the events by date. And it just takes one click to search a new location if you’re hitting the road.

Here’s how it looks right now for us here in San Francisco:

And if I were heading to, say, Miami (this being my blog post), I’d just click “Change location,” then search events from there.

We see “popular events” as a great way for attendees to get the instant buzz on hot events in their area. And of course, that makes it great for eventholders, too, allowing them to build on an event’s momentum with local users who might never have found them through organic search.

It’s just one of many things that make us psyched about the new site! We’re eager to hear your feedback on this and the rest of the new features.

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