This is a guest post by Jim Sinai, Eventbrite’s Director of Business Development. Jim manages Eventbrite 3rd-party applications and loves open APIs. Check out his previous post on creating successful conference name badges here.

Here at Eventbrite, we are all about making your event a success. Part of that success includes what happens after the event. For example, after an event ends, you may want to send a follow-up survey to collect feedback for your next event. Check out our partner SurveyMonkey via our resources page, as we think their surveys are the best.

More importantly, if your goal for your event was to generate sales or fundraising leads, you probably want to take your attendee data with you to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Some CRMs that many businesses use are Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and BatchBook (a fellow Small Business Web partner!). To bring your contacts with you, you can download an Attendee Report via the Manage page or you can use our API services.

But since we know how intimidating an API can be, we are pleased to announce a new, updated version of our Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce.  This new connector boasts three new enhancements based on customer and user feedback:

  1. Import your attendees as contacts
  2. Import your attendees as person accounts
  3. Create or add a Campaign and import your attendees to that campaign

Tip: You will need Salesforce Administrator access to install the Connector.

We hope these improvements will make it even easier for you to bring your attendees with you! Look for more updates and share your feedback on the Eventbrite Developer Network.

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