NEW Embed Discount Code in Link

After creating a discount code (click here for instructions on how to create a discount code), you can embed that discount code in a link to publish on a website, blog, email, etc. By using this format:
you can provide a link that will allow the registrant to see the discounted prices on the event page without having to enter the discount code.

For example, if my event was called Seminar 101 and I had the customized URL If I created a discount code for members of my blog community and I named that discount code “free”, I would enter this URL in my blog for my members to click on: That way, when my members clicked on that link, the ticket prices on the event registration page would be automatically updated to reflect the discounted price associated with that discount code “free”. The registrants would not have to remember the code and then type it in to the box provided on the page.

Make sense? If not, contact us here and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz is Eventbrite’s co-founder and president.