Throughout the summer, I’ve asked many event organizers about their heroes. Today, I’m going to share mine. I am lucky to have many heroes in my life who have supported and loved me for the past 22 (almost 23) years. None, however, have been as influential and awesome as my mother. This week, #MYHEROis my mom.


The Hero:
I’m not afraid to say it. I’m a mama’s boy. My mother has been my hero as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until being immersed in Eventbrite culture, that I discovered that she, too, is an event hero.

Mothers are inherently event planners. They wake up planning their kids’ days along with managing their own. Organization and patience are a necessity for mothers everywhere. My mom, without knowing, has taught me lessons on life, love and planning my own events.

The Villain:
This week, it is difficult to pinpoint a true villain. In this case, I will say the villain is not listening to your mother’s advice. LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER. She has seen you grow up, and shaped your future. She may know more than you think.


The Event:

Today, my beautiful mother is an academic advisory for a college in Arizona. It was an easy transition from planning my schedule and events to the schedules of many others. It is really the perfect job for her. After raising my sister and me, my mom has almost 26 years of successful event planning and organizing experience.
Here are a few life lessons my mama taught me that you can help you make your next event even better:

1. Are you doing “A” work?: I now know that my mother was not just telling me to make straight A’s. She was telling me that in order to be proud of your work you must put in the effort. Don’t be a student or event organizer that just narrowly gets by. How would you feel knowing you didn’t throw the best event possible because of lack of effort?

2. What you put out to the world you get back: I think she meant how you treat people and carry yourself will come full circle. Make sure you interact with your vendors, volunteers, guests and co-workers with a professional mindset and a great attitude. People will want to return to your events and work with you in the future.

3. Event organizing is no nine to five job: I was around while my mom was preparing for parties and dinners at the house. Not the best time to be loafing around watching reruns of SportsCenter. I saw my mother meticulously stressing over small details. I’m sure she woke up a couple of times a night thinking she forgot something. However, it is this attitude that leads to successful events.

Life lessons from a mother can help you plan amazing events.

It was very interesting for me to think of my mother as an event hero. It allowed me to take the lessons she has taught me and apply them to something very different. Take your mentors or own hero’s advice, and apply it in a way that makes sense for your event. Events take own their own life and spirit. There will be many people who support you throughout the event process and most certainly challenges along the way. Life advice, especially from a mother, can help you organize the best possible event.

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