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Every day across the globe, amazing people organize amazing events for amazing causes. In the fourth installment of Eventbrite’s Heroes campaign, amateur event organizers from Washington D.C. showhow meaningful the live experience can be.


Guests were encouraged to wear bold colors in honor of Lindsay’s bold spirit.

The Heroes:

There is a time in a person’s life when becoming a hero is not a choice. It is something that must be done. This is one of those times.

Recent college graduates, Casey Cave, Colleen Clark, Katy Tasker and their entire community suffered a devastating loss with the untimely passing of their friend, Lindsay Gund. Lindsay was tragically killed in a car accident when home from spring break in 2010.

Our heroes would stop at nothing to keep Lindsay’s spirit alive. They decided that she would live on through an organization they created called “Living Lindsay’s Legacy”. Lindsay was dedicated to improving education and empowering America’s youth. She was a hard worker and great student. She brought people together in life, and it was these characteristics that our heroes wanted to demonstrate in their organization and their events.


Friends and family flocked from both ends of the country to attend A BOLD Party.

The Cause:

Our heroes decided to host an event to raise money for a non-profit institute called the Washington Middle School for Girls (WMSG), to aid Washington, D.C.’s public school system. Ninety-eight percent of girls that graduate from WMSG are either still in high school or graduated and go on to seek higher education or meaningful employment. This is what Lindsay fought for and why she was highlighted in Oprah’s “O” Magazine.

The Event:

Our heroes called their event “A BOLD Party” as a way to symbolize how Lindsay lived her life: Boldly. It was a true celebration with food, dancing, drinks and a local DJ. However, our new heroes have not had extensive training in the art of event organizing. They quickly learned the difficulties it can bring.

  1. Legal regulations – In Washington D.C., laws pertaining to auctions and licensing for charity are very strict; you must be sure what you are doing is legal before proceeding with plans.
  2. The power of personal connections – The girls attribute their ability to overcome obstacles to knowing the right people and leveraging their contacts.
  3. Plans fall through – Throwing events that are donation based will lead to venues and donors to bail without notice. Be sure to have a long list of possible options and don’t get frustrated.

These event organizers raised $10,000 for a local charity in their friend's honor.A BOLD Party was a great success. The girls raised more than $10,000 dollars for their cause and had an amazing turnout. The heroes attributed a lot of their success in raising money for the organization through the donation function on Eventbrite.

From our heroes:

#MyHeroIs: None of this would have happened without Lindsay. In life she brought people together and I think it’s a testament to what a vibrant person that she was. We had random attendees from all over the country share in her legacy. She was a magnet. People may pass, but community ties never do. That is what she brought to our community.

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