Rocking out for education is exactly what GIRLS WHO ROCK is all about!

This week, two more heroes demonstrate the passion it takes to throw highly publicized events while working full-time jobs in other organizations. Eventbrite Heroes is proud to present Cynthia Hellen and Tammy Tibbetts!

The Heroes:

Just like Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, this week, our heroes show that women can absolutely rock out!

Cynthia Hellen and Tammy Tibbetts are co-founders of the GIRLS WHO ROCK benefit concert for non-profit, She’s the First. GIRLS WHO ROCK “brings together the strongest voices in technology, entertainment and design to advocate and fundraise for girls’ educations worldwide.” The partner organization, “She’s the First,” sponsors girls’ education in developing countries, while mentoring local student volunteers.

Our heroes believe that music is universal and education should be, too.

GIRLS WHO ROCK was first held in June 2010, raising $6,000 to sponsor three girls in Tanzania. The group followed that up with another successful concert in June of this year, during “Internet Week New York”. GIRLS WHO ROCK 2011 raised more than $17,000 to sponsor 29 girls at the Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda. With the press the events have received, our heroes are pushing ahead full force to keep the rock rolling.


GIRLS WHO ROCK partner with She’s the First to help girls in developing countries.

The Villain:

She’s the First research reports that “Of the 130 million youth who are out of school in the world, 70 percent are girls. Yet less than two cents of every development dollar goes to girls.” It is clear that this villain has been devastating our youth for years and our heroes have had enough.


Popular performers, like Shontelle (pictured above), brought the house down at GIRLS WHO ROCK!

The Event:

Cynthia and Tammy work full-time at other organizations. To stay awake, our heroes feed off the adrenaline rush that organizing with their passionate volunteers provides.

Their June event was beyond our heroes’ wildest dreams. GIRLS WHO ROCK has received media coverage from and to NBC New York and The Huffington Post.

How do you make sure your event rocks out like the legend Janis Joplin herself? Take a look out our heroes’ helpful tips!

  1. Sweat the small stuff – Sending a thank you at the end of everything, giving shout outs on Twitter, acknowledging the volunteer team or sponsor company whenever you can.
  2. Strong team communication – This makes everyone feel more connected with the purpose and the cause. A strong unified message also makes it easier to reach others who do not know about the cause.
  3. There are so many ways to help – Our heroes use their programs to turn female students into leaders by mentoring. Don’t only focus on the event. Focus on building a community around your event.

Much of their success is due to their social media strategy; GIRLS WHO ROCK use social media in every stage of event organizing, including at the event. Our heroes have found partners and sponsors using social media. They also bring the online experience offline during their events. A projector shows tweets and special hashtags during the concerts for all to see, allowing attendees to become more involved!

From our Heroes:

#MyHeroIs Maggie Doyne. A 24-year-old New Jersey native who is the founder of the school we partner with in Nepal. She is the mother of 30 kids through adoption. She has built a school for them. It shows how young people are changing the world.

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