Want to become more marketable to employeers? Career Connectors helps with expert speakers.

Over the past four weeks, I have spoken to many Eventbrite Heroes who have organized amazing events for awesome causes. This week, our hero has used her abilities to help an astonishing 4,000 people since her first event in 2009.

The Heroes:

In the scorching heat of the Phoenix, Arizona summer, a woman and her organization provide an oasis for thousands.

Jessica Pierce and Career Connectors channel the magic of events to assist professionals in the Phoenix metro area who have been laid off or are currently unemployed.

In the beginning, our hero’s events were small. She started in a local church, helping people learn about professional networking and ways to find employment opportunities. Six weeks later, more than 250 people were attending these events. Jessica knew she was on a path to superhero stardom.

Career Connectors is now in the process of gaining their non-profit status and hopes to expand both in Arizona and to out-of-state locations in the next year.

The Villain:

The economic downturn hurt many working men and women throughout the country; Phoenix was no different. Experienced professionals fell on hard times and needed new knowledge and training to fight this villain.


Hosting six events per month, Career Connectors has helped more than 4,000 people.

The Events:

Career Connectors now hosts six events per month and draws an audience of 50 to 150 people to each. Aspiring non-profit organizations find it difficult to find funding for marketing campaigns. Thinking of low-cost ways to add value is essential for our hero. Each event hosts expert speakers, resume gurus and technology whizzes to provide helpful information, making these professionals even more marketable to future employers.

Our hero has seen her program expand at a rapid pace implementing helpful tools. She says that the implementation of call-to-action widgets in newsletters was a great way to get people to sign up for her events. Career Connectors is very socially active on the web. Attendees can join a LinkedIn group and find updates on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Jessica is here to share some of her superhero event organizing tips:

  1. Find awesome volunteers – Screen your volunteers and select the ones that are the most passionate and care about your cause. This will add value throughout the event and enhance attendee satisfaction.
  2. Treat everyone with respect – Career Connectors helps professionals. They must be treated as such and be provided professional materials. Even with low funding, make sure you design handouts and information that is cohesive with your audience.
  3. Make it easy – Registration pages and websites must be very clear about date, time and place. Don’t overcomplicate the simple things.

From our hero:

#MyHeroIs: I’ve seen so many people hit hard by the economic downfall. In this time, though, I’ve seen amazing people step up for their families and community in ways I’ve not witnessed in the past. My personal heroes are the women that have made a stand over the last three years to make their families stronger and their community a better place to live.

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