This week, our hero is a superstar event planner, entrepreneur, start-up co-founder and its Chief Operating Officer. Oh yeah, he is 19-years-old, too. See how Cory Levy turns his passions into powerful events for like-minded individuals.


Our hero brought together highly successful business people with eager, young professionals.

The Hero:

Houston, Texas native, Cory Levy, is a successful young professional, to say the least. The accomplishments he has achieved at his age are rare. Cory has held internships at TechStars, Union Square Ventures, The Founders Fund, and DFJ Mercury – and that’s just the start of it.

Cory, the event organizer, was encouraged to start an event for likeminded students by his mentors at his internships. This was the genesis of the NextGen Conference. The NextGen conference brings together young, rock star entrepreneurs with more experienced entrepreneurs. Cory has already organized three NextGen Conferences, hosting influential speakers including Peter Thiel and Eventbrite’s own Kevin Hartz.

Cory, the entrepreneur, helped found a start-up company named “One Inc.”. One is a mobile application that lets you know when there are people right next to you who share your interests.

The Villain:

Our hero was lucky enough to be surrounded by great mentors and leaders at his internships. He was able to network and connect, which has been a great help in building his ideas. Students with Cory’s passion and ingenuity often do not have the resources to get the proper advice and guidance. Our hero saw this as a problem and an opportunity to create the NextGen Conference.

NextGen Conferences have been held at Stanford University and UCLA.

The Event:

At the time of the first NextGen Conference, Cory was 18-years-old. Our hero had to secure a venue, find speakers that would bring value and attract the correct audience. On his event organizing journey, Cory discovered the hardships this process possesses and has learned how to focus on the important problems.

  1. The easy things are difficult – Cory thought that finding speakers would be difficult and attendees would be easy. Just the opposite occurred. Our hero says that nothing should be taken for granted. Easy tasks may prove to be more difficult in the end.
  2. Plan for last minute sign-ups – Every NextGen Conference received an influx in sign-ups closer to the event. Know this for your event and plan accordingly with venue size and seating.
  3. Attendees are as important as speakers – For highly specialized events, make sure you are attracting the proper attendees by promoting your event selectively with targeted language.
Brilliant students were here to learn and network with their own heroes.

Our hero only had plans in hosting one NextGen Conference. After the huge success of the first, he has continued this initiative and plans to host one every six months. Our hero has a full plate. Cory has a do-it-all attitude, hosting bi-annual conferences, running a startup company, all while trying to be a 19-year-old.

From our Hero:

#MYHEROis Keith Rabois. Rabois is the Chief Operating Officer at Square and a successful Angel Investor. Cory sees Rabois as an influential leader and someone who can provide great insight and direction in future endeavors.

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