Event title: Utah Fund of Funds Second Annual Medical Device Symposium

Date/location: 4/22/10 — Salt Lake City

Type: Symposium

My Event ROCKED!

The Utah Fund of Funds Second Annual Medical Device Symposium was held April 22, 2010 at the Grand Hall in Salt Lake City.

Responding to suggestions from the first annual Symposium, we opened up a portion of the time and space to companies, and individuals interested in displaying their information in booths.

I created two ticket types, and at approximately a week out, I had to call the caterers to adjust our set-up to double the display tables. There was huge interest in this part of the symposium.

More than that, the vendors and companies generated a networking ambiance that really permeated the entire symposium. Great synergy was created from this thing.

I had so much feedback from companies—both on display and simply attending—that they had made some really important connections with sources of funding and customers.

The food was fantastic and plentiful, the AV guys were tremendous, dealing with my every wish, the venue was unique and beautiful.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the way things turned out. AND I STAYED IN BUDGET!!!!

Our speakers were fantastic and the information really important to a lot of people.

Medical Devices are an important industry cluster here in Utah and we are thrilled to be a part of generating the synergy needed to really grow it.

There’s a buzz started for next year’s event and I’m barely a few hours from packing up my stuff.

Thanks Eventbrite, for making registration way too easy!

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