MyEventRocked finalist: Concert for Epilepsy

Event title: Concert for Epilepsy

Date/location: 3/26/10 — Washington, D.C.

Type: Benefit concert

My name is Chad Barth. I run the annual ‘Concert for Epilepsy’. It’s my annual Charity Fundraiser in which every single cent of the proceeds goes to the Epilepsy Foundation of America!

There’s about three things that have made my events a success: my friends, Eventbrite, and my sister.

For the past four years I have held the annual Concert for Epilepsy in D.C., raising money for the Epilepsy Foundation of America during the Walk for Epilepsy weekend.

I do this event in honor of my sister, Christina, who has a intractable seizure disorder. She is 22 with the cognitive level of an 18-month-old. She is my hero and she drives me every day to do everything I can, and to never waste a moment or take anything for granted.

My friends have made this a successful endeavor because we have been able to bring in more people, increase donations, and hold bigger and better events year in and year out.

And Eventbrite has made this such an easy way to manage our concert events because we’ve been able to manage all of our ticketing and fundraising of it through our annual concert site. And everyone loves using the site! It’s so great!

Now for the past 4 years, we have raised a net $72,000 in funds for the Epilepsy Foundation. Raising more money every year. Bringing more people every year. And having more and more fun every year.

You can see more great photos taken by Bryan Farley of this year’s event, with the band Trailer Choir, here.

We’re looking forward to year 5 and another amazing event, powered by Eventbrite!

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