The holiday season is busy for all of us, our Event Evangelists included. Between hitting up the best events in town and hosting their own awesome bashes, our EEs managed to take a photo of their favorite event from the week. Check ‘em out below!

Boston: Sara S. is getting ready for New Years Eve. If you want in on the fun (including ticket giveaways and all supplies necessary to get ready and recover from NYE) be sure to keep up with our Sara on Twitter and Facebook.












Chicago: Sara A. snapped this shot at the #BlueKey event last night at the Drake Hotel where dozens of Chicagoans gathered to honor the Blue Key Campaign. USA for UNHCR launched this campaign to raise awareness in the US for the plight of refugees worldwide.

Dallas: Damany checked out a check presentation at the Children’s Medical Center.

Los Angeles: Leila partnered with @BrokeGirlsGuide to host a Sip n’ Shop event with @WhitneyEVEPort showing off her new line at the Fred Segal Originals store.

New York City: This week BriteNYC co-hosted Join Our Nice List: A Celebration of Global Entrepreneurship which supported The Adventure Project. Each $20 donation bought a clean burning stove for a family in Haiti. The photo is of the bracelet tag each donator received, which included a tracking number that tracks when your purchased stove reaches its family. The group raised enough for more than 100 stoves!

San Francisco: It’s the most wonderful time of the year- and, according to Brianna, one of the best-dressed SF holiday costume parties is the Elf Party! Men dress as elves while women dress as their favorite holiday characters. Toy soldier, anyone?

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