Hey, volunteering is fun! (for real)

I get it. We’re all busy people. You have a job, maybe even two jobs. You have a family to take care of (or maybe just a roommate who acts like a child sometimes), and friends to catch up with and hobbies you like to take part in, like your marathon running club or your Friday night knitting group.

No matter how busy you are, I can guarantee you that at least once a month, you’ve done something totally mindless. Maybe it was YouTubing pug videos (guilty as charged) or the four-hour Law & Order marathon you  indulged in one Saturday afternoon (again, guilty), but the point being that all of us, if we wanted, could give up that hour …or  four…and do something productive. This is where the idea of Do Right, Be Brite came from.

Do Right, Be Brite is a year-long campaign created to connect people to awesome causes in Chicago. It also connects said awesome causes with equally awesome people. I always hear that people WANT to volunteer, but they don’t know where to start. How do you find out about the organizations? How do you decide when to volunteer? Do I have to do it every day? What commitment is needed of me? On the flip side, from working with a lot of nonprofits/causes, I hear that they could always use more awareness and more volunteers. So, because we at Eventbrite are all about making everyone’s lives easier, we decided to cut out the hard work for all parties involved.

Each month, we’ll be featuring a different local organization that is spotlight worthy and providing YOU with several different opportunities to register to get involved with them. One month you might be serving dinner in a soup kitchen, one month you might be walking abandoned dogs at a shelter, one month you could be running a 5k with a blind person. If we all just took a few hours out of our busy schedules every month, think of all the good we can do together and how much BRITE-r our cities could be! You will be exposed to some causes you might not have otherwise heard of, these causes will receive some much-deserved attention and assistance and perhaps at least one organization will really strike a chord with you, and you’ll continue to give your time and efforts on a regular basis. It’s like matchmaking for causes, and we can’t wait to set you up!

Want to learn more? We’re kicking things off in Chicago on Thursday night at Frontier and we’d love to have you join us! We’ll be mingling with some of the causes that will be featured in 2012, and raising our glass (filled with a Be Brite cocktail, of course) to making our city a better place in 2012. If you’re not in Chicago, keep an eye on your local evangelist for more details about when Do Right, Be Brite will launch in your city.

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