I may have left the Windy City, but I wouldn’t leave you hanging, Chicago! Meet your new Event Evangelist, Alexa.

1. Name: Alexa Ray Plew. It’s no coincidence that I share the same name as The Piano Man’s daughter. My parents are huge Billy Joel fans.

2. Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan.


3. Why do you <3 Chicago? Besides its stellar location on the best body of water in the world, Chicago’s population definitely rivals any city’s as the friendliest. People here are full of life, creative, and driven, but also truly understand the importance of community. Visiting friends always say, “Why is everyone being so friendly? What is happening?” I can honestly always answer with, “Nothing. We’re just that nice.”


4. Why Eventbrite? I drank the (orange) Kool-aid quite some time ago. As a user of the product for over 4 years, I’ve seen the ability it has to transform an organizer’s work. I love that Eventbrite empowers anyone to become an event organizer and has boundless potential to connect people to new and exciting events. I also know that my attraction to Eventbrite stemmed from frequent interactions I had with our Customer Service team. Early on, I was the person calling every day. I was always so impressed at the Britelings’ genuine love for their work and their organizers. Now that I am one (a Briteling, that is) I am thrilled to work with new and existing users who share the same loyalty and love for the product.


5. Quick! Someone is coming to Chicago this weekend. Where do you send them?
• Kingston Mines: Chicago is known for epic blues music. Everyone I bring here looks at me like I’ve lead them to their final resting place, but around 1:00 am, Kingston Mines transforms into another world. Expect to dance on sawdust floors until 5 am, then go home to shower immediately.
• Hot Doug’s: Hot dogs are a Chicago staple and this place is the wiener mecca. One of Anthony Bourdain’s top recommended restaurants in the country. Oh, and did I mention they have duck fat fries? Yeah.
• Shedd Aquarium: Dolphin show. Enough said.


6. Best Chicago event you’ve ever gone to: Gosh, this is like telling Michelle Duggar to pick her favorite child. Well, I love Chicago’s music festivals (Lollapalooza, Pitchfork). Wine Riot Chicago has become an annual favorite. I also love, love, love Dose Market’s monthly events.


7. Event you’re looking forward to the most – Chicago in White. I missed this event last year and kicked myself. I love the idea of a flash mob involving food and friends.


8. Cubs or Sox (or neither)? Uh, Bears?


9. Favorite ‘Chicago’ food item? Garrett’s Popcorn. Cheese and Carmel mix. If I didn’t care about my arteries, I’d consume this every day.


 10. Anything else we need to know?  My passions and interests include education reform, interior design, and hippos. I am a Wolverine (go blue!) and I can name every U.S. state in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds.


Now that you’re acquainted with our new Chicago colleague, why don’t you find her on Facebook and Twitter and say hello?