Name: Thomas Edwards, Jr.
Hometown: Boston, MA
My Last Class: Got the Digits: Now What?

You should come to my class if: You want to bridge the gap between getting someone’s number and going on the first date. The theme will be all about communication, which can be difficult when technology plays a huge role.

My inspiration for hosting classes is: I love helping people gain confidence and a new perspective in dating and their social lives.

The best class I ever attended was: A class about storytelling and engaging people in conversation. In my line of work, it is paramount to master that skill and that class couldn’t have come at a better time. People willingly shared their own stories and were constructively critiqued on their presentation. It was such a fun experience not only to hear people’s personal stories, but also understand what makes for a good one.

My advice for first-time teachers is: Make classes fun while avoiding lectures. This helps students retain more of what you teach. One way you can do this is by engaging them with exercises, encouraging questions, and sharing anecdotes.

Favorite Eventbrite feature:  The visual customization features of Eventbrite really allows you to put as much personality or branding into your events as you have in your business.

The most memorable student I ever had in my class was: A guy who attended one of my weekend seminars. He was very skeptical of the process and almost elected to not participate in all of the exercises. As the weekend went on, he started to see results and opened up to group. At the end of the weekend he came up to us in tears, thanking us for changing his life. It was such an incredible feeling to know we had such a profound impact on his life, given the fact he came into the weekend with so many doubts.

I love teaching classes because: It’s the ultimate reward to share my story and knowledge to inspire others. Add to that, the fact my advice could potentially change someone’s life, and it’s an amazing rush that I enjoy every time I teach a class.

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