Name: Shir Moscovitz 

Hometown: New York City

My next class is: Monday, Aug. 13th  https://excelpivottables.

You should come to my class if you:
Are curious. If you know there’s a lot you could be doing in Excel, but you’re just not sure how. If you no longer want to settle for the status quo, and you want to challenge yourself to find a better, faster, and easier way to get the job done. Most of all, you should come to my class if you are tired of having to work ON Excel instead of having Excel work FOR YOU.

My inspiration for hosting classes is:
Helping people lead more productive, and ultimately happier lives. I do this by bridging the gap between non-technical people, and the wonderful world of technology. The most inspiring experiences for me as a teacher come about when I turn someone who hates excel into someone who goes, “Wow, that’s really cool!” or “I had no idea Excel could do THAT!”

The best class I ever attended was:
Bassam Tarazi’s goal setting class. Not only is he an outstanding teacher, he’s also the founder of which has transformed how I organize and achieve my goals. I highly recommend his classes:

My advice for first-time teachers is:
Start small, and then make consistent, incremental improvements. This is a concept I originally learned from Brian Tracey, and it’s true power lies in the cumulative effect of improving a little bit every day. Months later we can then look back and notice the unbelievable progress we’ve made. Don’t give up though, the first 2-3 weeks are the most difficult.

Favorite Eventbrite feature:
Let’s face it, Eventbrite is pretty awesome. From the perspective of the host and from the attendee, it’s all about convenience. One of the things I like about Eventbrite is the fact that it eliminates the manual & repetitive work for you. For example, instead of printing tickets, which wastes time and paper, you can show up to an event with the Eventbrite app loaded on your smartphone and you’re good to go!

The one thing I can’t live without is:
The internet. For me, life is all about connecting with other people. Quite simply, the internet is by far the greatest tool out there which helps me achieve that. More specifically, as a teacher it helps me reach out to my students, and provide them with resources that would otherwise be very difficult to find. Seriously, how did our parents live without it for so many years? 🙂

My worst teaching experience was:
Showing up half an hour early to a class and still having trouble with the A/V equipment. Clearly it’s important to prepare as much as possible beforehand, but it is also important to be able to think on your feet and adapt to changing situations. Don’t worry though, I resolved the problem in time for class.

The most memorable student I ever had in my class was:
When a guy pointed out a mistake that I made during a demonstration. While those moments can be a bit unsettling at first, the truth is I actually love it when students, call me out like that, it shows how closely they are paying attention. More importantly, it helps me improve as a teacher. Needless to say, he left quite an impression.

I love teaching classes because:
There’s no doubt about it – I have the best job in the world. Every day, I get to share things that I’m passionate about with people who would otherwise stay uninformed or confused. My greatest joy as a teacher is working with someone who is completely lost, frustrated, and pretty much ready to give up, and helping them have what Oprah calls an “Aha Moment.” In that instant, everything makes sense, and a whole new world of possibilities open up for them. Now tell me, what could be better than that?


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