How does someone go from investing in real estate to founding a survival school? If you’re Robert Allen, a market crash plus a passion for the outdoors  equals his new career: Sigma 3 Survival School.

It wasn’t until after starting his school that Robert saw himself as a teacher.  He created the school as a place to bring together the teachers he admires, so that he could work and train with them. Over time, he found himself teaching classes as well.

Robert admits that starting the school wasn’t easy. He relied on the help of volunteers to create his website and teach the first classes. But after a few months of building his online presence, word of the school quickly spread. Robert explains that most of his new users discover the school from its YouTube videos and blog. Additionally, Robert participates in online survival skills forums, and he’s had opportunities to promote the school on television, including shows on the History Channel and Animal Planet. Transitioning to Eventbrite also increased the school’s visibility, and helped streamline the registration process. The widget has been particularly useful to Robert, since he can embed it directly into the school’s web site. This makes it easier for students to sign up, and refer their friends to enroll as well.

These different promotion mechanisms have worked to bring in a mix of interested students. Robert says he does see a lot of ex-military and private military contractors, but most of the students are average people with no previous survival or tactical training. And many are pleasantly surprised by what they learn. Forget Bear Grylls. “The stuff you see on TV isn’t what we teach. Survival isn’t about misery.”

At Sigma 3, survival is about empowerment. From “Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk” (a day-long excursion), to “Home Prep Standard: Canning & Food Storage Techniques” (a two-day class), to “Scout Urban Escape and Evasion” (an intensive multi-day combat survival course), all of the classes at Sigma 3 introduce students to “the freedom that self-reliance provides.”  For many, this new perspective inspires students to incorporate their new skills into their everyday lives.

If you’re interested in seeing what Sigma 3 Survival School has to offer, you can check out all of the classes here:

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