Meet the Teacher: Mike De’Shazer, Hatchery Dev Shop

Hatchery Dev Shop

Our latest post in the Meet the Teacher Series comes from the heart of the burgeoning tech startup scene in NYC. Mike De’Shazer is a co-founder at 140 Ventures, a boutique product development and consulting firm, and a teacher extraordinaire at the Hatchery Dev Shop. Hatchery Dev Shop is a rigorous 3-month training program that teaches students how to develop mobile apps and websites through immersion. Rather than wait for developers and coders to appear, the Hatchery is creating them from zero to sixty in just three months! We’re thrilled to be part of this learning revolution and all the potential career changes this evokes. It’s programs like this that make us proud of what Eventbrite is powering!

Name: Mike De’Shazer
Hometown: Originally from Memphis, TN. Currently based in New York, NY.
My Next Class: Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday night

You should come to my class if you: Want to learn how to develop apps and websites but don’t have prior programming knowledge.

My inspiration for hosting classes is: To teach app development to non-technical professionals

The best class I ever attended was: At Harvard, E-2 Bits with Prof. Harry Lewis

My advice for first-time teachers is: Customize your class to fit the individual needs of your students. It’s a must.

Favorite Eventbrite feature: Being able to see my event page traffic.

The one thing I can’t live without is: My MacBook Air.

My worst teaching experience was: Teaching my ex-girlfriend how to play chess. Did I mention she’s my ex?

The most memorable student I ever had in my class was: One of my students is building a company based on the lessons from our sessions. I love students who bring classroom knowledge to the real world.

What was the profession you imagined for yourself when you were twenty? Fiction writer.

I love teaching classes because: I love enabling passionate individuals to more fully express themselves and optimize their contributions to society.

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