Hometown: San Francisco

What is the Distilled Man? A specialty school in San Francisco offering classes in essential ‘man skills’. The Distilled Man’s mission is to help guys become better guys.

My Next Few Classes:
Campfire Guitar for Non-Musicians (9/17)
Scotch Demystified (9/20)

My inspiration for teaching: A few years ago I realized I didn’t really know how to grill. I could throw a burger patty on the fire just like the next guy, but I didn’t feel like I was very good at it.  I was in my early 30’s and one day all of the sudden my biological grilling clock went off. All I could think about was getting a barbecue, it was like some primal urge. I realized that grilling is one of those things that if you didn’t learn it growing up, there’s nowhere to really learn it. At the same time, every guy is kind of expected to know how to grill. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there were other traditional “man skills” like this: cocktails, guitar, automotive knowledge…the list is endless. The idea emerged to have a hands-on school dedicated to teaching guys these lost skills. And with that, The Distilled Man was born.

You should come to our classes if: You want to learn essential man skills. A lot of guys grow up without knowing how to do things that their fathers and grandfathers did, like mixing a good cocktail, grilling a perfect steak, or changing a tire. Our hands-on workshops are designed to help students reconnect with these lost arts

Favorite Eventbrite features: Being able to customize an event listing using your own brand colors, logo, and even a custom event URL. It makes the sign up process from our website really seamless.

My advice for first-time teachers is: Keep it simple. I’ve found that students get more way more out of a session if you give them just a handful of fundamental points to take away.

If I could tell one thing to the 20-year-old in me, it would be: Follow your heart, seek out adventure and don’t be afraid of failing. (Oh, and buy some Apple stock).

The one thing I can’t live without is: Strong black coffee

I love teaching classes because: It’s exciting to see students who are interested in learning new things. There’s a palpable energy in the room when people are getting introduced to something new—especially when it’s something that changes the way they look at the world or makes them feel empowered. In our Essentials of Auto Maintenance class, we show people how easy it is to look at the break pads on their car with a flashlight. It’s exciting to watch people’s faces the moment they realize they’ll no longer feel like they’re being held hostage by their auto shop. “I need new break pads? That’s funny, I just checked them last week…” Watching people gain that kind of confidence is priceless.