Meet Dallas & Melissa, who founded Whole9 in 2009 to educate the world about the benefits of a paleo diet and how much fun you can have with it. Dallas & Melissa host classes & nutrition workshops around the country. Find one near you!

Name: Dallas & Melissa Hartwig  

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Our next class:  We’ve got two It Starts With Food nutrition seminars coming up on the East Coast; one in Boston, MA and the other in Hoboken, NJ. After that, we’ll be spending six weeks doing smaller events and book promotion throughout Europe, including Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden.

You should come to our class if you are: Tired of counting calories, fighting uncontrollable cravings, and feeling let down by quick-fix plans that always fail to deliver. We’ll teach you how to change your relationship with food and maintain your new, healthy lifestyle permanently – and we’ll have fun doing it. (No, really – nutrition doesn’t have to be boring! For proof, check out this seminar preview:

Our inspiration for leading classes are: The hundreds of people who write to us every week, post on our Facebook page, and submit their success stories to our forum, saying our program really did change their lives.

Favorite Eventbrite feature: How easy it is to customize each seminar page with details specific to that event. It makes registering and sharing our event information incredibly easy for our attendees.

The best class we ever attended was: Robb Wolf’s “Paleo Solution Seminar.” He’s our friend, mentor, and one of the world’s leading experts in healthy nutrition and lifestyle practices. We’ve learned a lot from him!

The best class we ever led was: Every seminar we teach is special, but a recent favorite was our event at CrossFit Palo Alto, with more than 100 attendees and special guest Eva Twardokens, two-time Olympian and US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame inductee. We invited her to lead a special discussion of eating and exercising for health versus athletic performance. It was a special treat for us and our attendees.

Favorite movie: We watch a lot of serious documentaries, but the “mockumentary” Best in Show is probably an all-time, hands-down favorite.  (If you’re a dog person, you can totally relate. “Where’s your Busy-Bee?”)

Favorite book:  It Starts With Food, of course.

We can’t live without:  Daily movement – a trip to the gym, a walk around the park, or swinging some kettlebells in the backyard. It’s hard to get our day off to a good start without some form of activity.

We love: Salt Lake City because of the fabulous local food scene, amazing national parks, and tons of sunshine. We’ve seen the whole country in our seminar travels – and we moved here after driving through on a road trip two years ago. It knocked our socks off!

Our advice for first-time teachers is: Know your subject material inside and out… but then have fun while you’re teaching! If you’re having fun, your audience will have fun too. Feel free to be silly or goofy, share personal stories with your attendees, and create ways for them to participate in the discussion so it’s not so one-sided.

If we could tell one thing to the 20-year-old in us, it would be:  Listen to your parents. They actually do know what they’re talking about, and you’ll figure out soon enough they were right about just about everything.

You can get involved in our classes & workshops by: Visiting our website at, our Facebook page at, or our Eventbrite profile page at And check out our new book, It Starts With Food (currently the #1 nutrition book on Amazon!) at

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