Meet Cherry, who hosted Let’s Wing It, her first event leading up to Valentine’s Day. She invited singles to bring their wingman or wingwoman for drinks and mingling, to create a laid-back and unpretentious atmosphere to meet new people.

Name: Cherry Mangat
Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL
My Next Event: I just put on my very first event Feb 9 and it went amazingly well! So many of the attendees said that they would like to see more Let’s Wing It events so I plan to have at least one more event this year, the date is TBD. Stay tuned!

You should come to my event if you: love being a wingman or wingwoman, have a spontaneous side, and are looking to meet quality singles!

My inspiration for hosting my events is: I get so excited when I help people build connections, whether they are personal or professional.

Favorite Eventbrite Feature: It was super easy to add custom fields to the registration process to make it tailored for my event. Overall the interface is really user-friendly.

The Best Event I Ever Attended Was: Eve of the Eve. It’s a classy eve of New Year’s Eve party held in the grand hall of Chicago’s Union Station. It’s a black-tie optional event that brings in more than 2,000 people and the proceeds go to a not-for-profit organization called HighSight.

Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine, because it shows us that we can all be in dysfunctional families and still turn out ok!

Favorite Book: The Alchemist

My favorite love song is: “When The Sun Comes Up” by John Legend

If I could describe my event as a movie title, it would be: Wedding Crashers meets Serendipity (the ultimate wingbuddies meet romance and chance)

The Best Event I Ever Hosted Was: The Let’s Wing It event that just happened last week! All the pieces came together really well – flirting, fashion and fun! Wingbuddies got to meet other amazing singles and got to take fabulous pictures with props provided by SF fashion blogger, The Avant-Gardist. The best-dressed wingbuddies of the night won a private personal shopping experience at Saks Fifth Avenue complete with champagne and spending cash! Attendees complimented the venue, music, food and drinks.

My favorite Valentine’s Day was: back in college I had actually just met a guy and our first date was on Valentine’s Day. He pulled out all the cheesy stops which would probably be annoying now but they were actually endearing back then!

Worst Valentine’s Day gift I ever received: stale chocolates.

My ideal Valentine has these three characteristics: creative, humorous and not-mushy.

I can’t live without: potatoes.

I love Valentine’s Day because: it’s an excuse to receive fresh flowers.

My advice for first-time event planners is: create an event that you yourself would enjoy. If you keep quality at the forefront, other things will fall into place on their own.

My worst event experience was: not negotiating enough. I learned that everything is negotiable!

If I could tell one thing to the 20-year-old me, it would be: don’t worry so much about planning your life, life has it’s own plans for you.

The most memorable attendee I ever had at my event was: my wingman Orzie Henderson, because he has a warm personality and a unique style that draws people in right away, and he can work the crowd!

I love hosting events because: I love to create a setting that is inviting and create an environment that allows people to relax and be themselves. The best part for me is to look across the room at the people at the event and see everyone smiling.

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