“Music is what gets me through my busiest days,” says Maddie.

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Name: Maddie Gasparinatos
Hometown: Sydney (but hail from Southport, Tasmania)
My Next Event: Portable presents Product Design 2012

Favorite Movie: It’s a toss up between the Sydney-shot “Two Hands” and the movie I learned every line to in the ‘90s, “Cool Runnings”.

Favorite Book: “A Fortunate Life” by A.B Facey.

The Best Event I Ever Attended Was: Harbourlife 2004 – it was my first Sydney festival, with an incredible setting and an Armageddon lightning and rain storm as the event was closing.

Favorite Eventbrite Feature: The huge opportunity for statistics and information gathering. I have a mild obsession with this feature.

Best Event Memory: Holding three sell-out events for Portable presents Scott Belsky in 2011. It was an epic schedule, but so well-received, that we were top-trending on Twitter in each city. Even after hearing the same presentation on three occasions, I was constantly learning more.

My Inspiration for Hosting Events is: The manic side to organizing events and seeing the collective work of numerous people pay off on the day of.

My advice for first-time event planners is: Use spreadsheets – and utilize all the features of Eventbrite.

My worst event experience was: Leaving our signage at my office right before an event. I learned that good friends will leave their own work to sort out your forgetfulness!

Today, I’m going to: Tick everything off my to-do list, try and leave the office at least once and try and converse with at least two random strangers.

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