Meet the Organizer: Seth is "Bacon" Us Crazy

Need a ride to the Bacon Festival? Blue will pick you up in this bacon car.

Meet Seth. He’s a guy who really likes bacon. So he and his friends decided to make a festival about it.

Name: Seth Hall

Seth, fourth from left, joined the Iowa Bacon Board for a bacon-filled retreat in Iceland in Summer 2011.

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

My Next Event: The 5th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival: Baconpocalypse Now: I love the smell of bacon in the morning! Presented by Iowa Select Farms

You should come to my event if you: are inspired by any of the following: Bacon eating competitions. Bacon tastings. Bacon lectures. Or, if you want to meet our official mascot, Blue.

My inspiration for hosting Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival is: Friends and bacon. What started as a groups’ passion for “all things bacon” has evolved into America’s premier bacon festival. In 2001, a group of guys began celebrating bacon during an annual weekend retreat in Spirit Lake, Iowa. On March 1st, 2008, officially organized under the Iowa Bacon Board and led by Brooks Reynolds, we went on to found a festival: a festival with the mission of improving the enjoyment of all things bacon by providing education, recognition, advocacy and research on behalf of the masses, everyone, everywhere, all of them. We are serious. Seriously, dudes. Seriously.

Favorite Eventbrite Feature: The reporting features are fantastic. The fact that we can quickly identify the 35 states where tickets were purchased from is a great time saver for a bunch of guys looking to throw a party focused on bacon (and beer).

The Best Event I Ever Hosted Was: The first annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. The five of us on the Iowa Bacon Board knew we had something special. When the crowd started yelling, “Ohhhh, Bacon!” all on their own accord we knew our motto was born! The official motto is, “Ohhhh, Bacon!” and can now be found on koozies, tshirts, web sites, print materials and more.


Need a ride to the Bacon Festival? Blue will pick you up in this bacon car.

Favorite Movie: Strange Brew

Favorite Bacon Recipe: The bacon explosion! 2 pounds thick cut bacon, 2 pounds Italian sausage, 1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce, 1 jar of your favorite bbq rub – put them all together into a giant hog log, smoke it for 4 hours and then serve it up like a giant pork sushi roll. Delicious.

Best Bacon Experience: Listening to the live performance of “Bacon Me Crazy” at last year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. It was by the group that had submitted their song online in one of our many social media ticket contests.

My advice for first-time event planners is: pace yourself and build out a mission statement on where you want your event to be five years from now.

Today, I’m going to: temper my bacon intake in preparation for Bacon Week next week. The Bacon Resurrection Brunch on Sunday, the Bacon Elegance Dinner on Monday, the Bacon Queen Contest on Thursday, and the Prepare your Bacon Bug Out Bag Day on Friday are just a few of the great events coming up next week.

The most memorable attendee I ever had at my event was: Either the bagpiper who provided our opening ceremonies, the Des Moines Roller Derby Dames who served bacon on skates, Senator Bacon from Iowa, the Outrageous Foods television crew from the Food Network, or the couple who flew in from Alaska so they could enjoy bacon in the heart of bacon country.

I love hosting events because: they bring so many great people together in a venue where we can place so many outrageous things in one great bacon-filled day. For instance, with the Baconpocalypse we’re bringing together bagpipes, Humvees, and zombies – all because of bacon.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen bacon used for? Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter!


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