This is the second in a four-part series exploring New Year’s Eve events on Eventbrite. The events profiled have been selected as a winner of our No Compromises contest, in which people with a New Year’s Eve event are eligible to win $2012 to ring in the 2012.

Vicki Levine and her friends are probably a lot like you. They have day jobs. They have an extended circle of friends. And they have a favorite local watering hole, Big Star. They just didn’t expect that this favorite restaurant and bar would transform them into New Year’s Eve party planners.

Levine and crew will be bringing in the New Year at their favorite local bar, the same venue as their 2011 bash.

“Last year, my friend Katie was at Big Star and just randomly asked what they were doing for New Year’s Eve,” Levine said. “They said they would be willing to rent the space out, which got us thinking about hosting our own party.”

Levine and two of her friends agreed that their New Year’s Eves could be better. Worried about heading to an event where there would be cold, picked over food, and a half-hour wait to get a drink, the crew took Big Star up on their offer. They planned for and invited more than 100 people to the restaurant, with the idea that New Year’s Eve should be uncomplicated and, well, fun.

The event was so successful in achieving that feeling among their friends, that the trio decided to give it another shot for 2012.

“We want it to be just like a regular, great night out,” Levine said. “There’s room at the bar to move around, everyone is with their friends, and the food and service is as great as it would be on any other night.”

Levine, who calls her co-organizers the “social planners” of their circles, are inviting friends (and friends of friends) to join in. Guests will be ordering off of the regular menu, and grabbing drinks from the bar. Rather than a champagne toast at midnight, each guest gets a shot of whiskey or tequila.

“It’s a bit untraditional, but that’s how we designed it,” Levine said. “We’re not hosting a party to make a profit, so we’ll likely use the money we won to cover part of the cost and tipping Big Star’s staff.”

“And maybe for brunch the next day,” she said.

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