Shhh! Keep it down. I (the marketing intern at Eventbrite) have gained access to our community manager’s Social Media Brite Camp. Without him knowing, I’ll be giving all of you a live, in-depth look at the inner workings of this seminar. Stay tuned for all the social media tips, tricks and insights our awesome team has to offer. Or at least until I am caught and told to go get coffee for everyone.

12:55 pm: Uh oh. I think Tighe caught me sharing all our secrets. I got to go. Hopefully he doesn’t take this blog post down! Hope you all enjoyed our Social Media Brite Camp!

12:50 pm: A great point was brought up from our SF Event Evangelist again. Interacting with customers online does not just have to be from the company account, it can come from employees’ personal accounts too. That can make your organization more human to the customer. Thanks Brianna!

12:46 pm: In response to a Tweep asking Eventbrite to marry her, our employee wanted us to say, “Are you going to buy us a steak dinner first?” Laughs, all around.

12:42 pm: Our employees take a shot at answering previous @eventbrite tweets. This could get interesting. Allowing employees to get involved with your social media strategy will help them be more comfortable to bring up cool ideas in the future.

12:32 pm: A few questions arose about contests and how to make them successful. Knowing your customer and having simple, easy-to-follow rules is essential for a great campaign. Our Eventbrite SF Event Evangelist says that keeping contest local and geo-specific helps in effectiveness.

12:23 pm: Tighe, our Community Manager, wanted the group to know that the whole point of social media is for the brand to become a friend and resource to their community.

12:17 pm: Eventbrite employees really enjoy the social media work of Gilt, Whole Foods, Starbucks and Virgin America. What companies do you think do a great job at social media marketing?

12:13 pm Social media is a company wide issue. No matter what department you work in, social media can and will affect you. Also great content can come from any employee.

12:03 pm: The room is filled with eager Eventbrite employees ready to learn about Twitter, Facebook, blogging, Foursquare, Instagram…Should I continue? Let’s get this started!


Tighe, our Community Manager, is preparing for an awesome Brite Camp at Eventbrite HQ!

11:01 am: I see our community manager across the room meticulously trying to get everything ready for today’s presentation. Impressing Eventbrite employees is no easy task, but I think he is up to the challenge. The Britecamp starts at 12:00 pm.