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Hot off announcing our new partnership with Mad Mimi earlier this week, we are excited to welcome another email service provider as an integrated partner, ExpressPigeon!  Our friends at ExpressPigeon have done a fantastic job at creating a tool that is easy to use along with a strong focus on delivering your email marketing in an optimized form for any device: web, tablet, mobile.

Getting Started

To set up the integration, log into your ExpressPigeon account and click on the gear icon next to your name in the top-right corner of the main menu. Click on “Integrations” under the Settings title.


Next, click on “Eventbrite Configuration” and click the blue “Integrate” button.

Express Pigeon 2

This takes you to your Eventbrite account, where you will simply log in and have an option to “Allow” or “Deny” the integration. Click “Allow” and your accounts will be integrated.  With your accounts connected, you can easily insert your Eventbrite event description and details into your ExpressPigeon newsletter.

Design a Beautiful Event Invitation

You are ready to design an event invitation in ExpressPigeon to wow future conference goers. Their newsletter designer makes it simple for you to build a beautiful invitation in a matter of minutes.


While editing your newsletter, you have the option to add new sections. To pull Eventbrite info directly into your newsletter, create a new section and select “Eventbrite section” from the drop-down list.

Express Pigeon4

You can now select the event that you want to insert into your newsletter. All contacts from your Eventbrite event list are automatically pulled into a new (or existing) email list on your ExpressPigeon account. Accept the list and then click “Insert event and pull my contacts”.


Once you click “Insert event and pull my contacts”, ExpressPigeon instantly inserts your Eventbrite link, event information, and Google map image directly into your newsletter and a new email list is created with all contacts from your event.


After the integration takes place, the newsletter editor maintains the ability to make any stylistic or informational adjustments as necessary. Edit the event section as any other section with text and images – business as usual!

Now you are ready to send your event invitation. As your event approaches, you can replicate your design or create another newsletter to send email updates to registrants. After the event, you can easily send a thank you email to attendees.

Head over to our partner page to lift-off with ExpressPigeon today!







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Dylan Serota

Dylan Serota

Dylan Serota is a platform manager at Eventbrite.