With all the buzz (ahem) surrounding New Year’s Eve, it’s easy to forget that the sun also rises on New Year’s Day. But coast to coast, great events are coming on Jan. 1 too, and from dawn dance parties to mellow evening lounge sessions, Eventbrite has them covered. Here’s a cross-section of some of our most enticing New Year’s Day happenings. Because the first day of the decade deserves to get some love.

Philadelphia: In Philly, it’s an after-party for the day after: Go hear Trey Songz sing, then cap off the evening by hanging out with the man himself. La Invencion: The Official Invention of Sex Tour After Party features enough DJs, bottles, and star power that it practically counts as the main event.

San Francisco: Whether it’s your first stop or your last, the 6 A.M.-till-forever bayside groovefest Breakfast of Champions owns its time slot, and takes out a mortgage on your dancing shoes. Featuring DJs galore, and at just $10, about the best deal in town.

Atlanta: Let’s just say the good folks at First Night Atlanta have a keen sense of New Year’s irony. The aptly named A Blackout Affair–they’re referring to your duds, not your drinks–is a sleek event that’s free with a VIP ticket from the night before, and a deal even without.

Nashville: If you let it all hang out on Thursday, Friday is the time to class it up. First Friday Nashville’s Stilettos & Cufflinks party is a reason to stick your sneakers back in the closet and don your favorite shiny things.

Detroit: No New Year’s Day event list would be complete without at least one nod to resolutions. Starting just 30 minutes into the new year, Detroit’s 2010 Introduction praise bash bills itself as a place to “get drunk in God, not alcohol.” The DJs still come full-strength.

Boston: Some cities would tell you to take a quiet New Year’s nap. But Boston is a town served by the pint, and the Old Boston Tours Pub Crawl is all about hair of the dog–the very, very old dog. Tour some of the city’s most storied old drinking landmarks and convince yourself you’re doing it for the history.

This was a guest post contributed by Theo Lambert.