One of the great things about talking to eventholders is seeing how an event can transcend even its organizers’ goals. Whether it’s the way it brings people together, or its unrivaled power as a fundraising tool, there’s just no limit on a live experience.

This was brought home for us this week when we spoke to Jeremy Stephens, whose Nashville-based worship group for young people, Kairos, already had a great community event planned when severe flooding struck the area last weekend—and changed what the event could do.

Presented as part of Kairos’ “do work. DO LIFE.” series (career- and personal finance–oriented events that Stephens describes as “geared toward meeting people’s needs in a down economy”), this Saturday’s Couponing 101 gathering will offer attendees helpful tips for smart value shopping. The speaker, Jenny Martin—founder of the popular—will give a keynote, and afterward, attendees will have an opportunity for a Q & A. And as of this week, all this comes with a special twist: “After the flooding, Jenny said, ‘Let’s make this a fundraising event,'” Stephens relates. The organizers agreed, and they’ll now be donating all proceeds to the Red Cross for flood relief efforts. For a group that runs events built on connecting people and improving the wellbeing of the community, it’s a great way to extend the work they do.

If you’re in Nashville this weekend, or if you just want to donate to this worthy cause, be sure to check them out! You can also catch up on Twitter with Kairos or the “do work. DO LIFE.” group.