One of the great things about creating an event on Eventbrite is the flexibility you get in customizing ticket types. For example, you can open up ticket sales right away or pick a date in the future. You can establish different ticket categories at various price points (with varying quantities available). It’s always a snap to create a ticketing structure that suits your event.

A feature we think is particularly nifty is one we call “cascading ticket types.” It lets you create several ticket categories, each of which automatically goes on sale the instant the previous category ends. So, let’s say you’re planning a July 4th bash, and you want to incentivize early sign-ups. You could create a cheap “Early Bird” ticket, and set that to expire in a few weeks, at which point another ticket—let’s call it “Regular Bird”—would automatically take its place. Then a few weeks later, a top-dollar “Last Call” ticket could replace that and scoop up the latecomers. Here’s how to set it up:

When you pull up the Create Ticket option, you’ll see “Advanced options” down at the bottom:

Click on this and a whole new world of ticketing possibility opens up! As you can see below, there’s now an option to start this ticket’s sales when sales end for a previous ticket. Here we’ll set “Last Call” to replace “Regular Bird.”

And that’s it! We highly recommend “cascading tickets” as a great way to optimize sales for your next Eventbrite event.