Since we introduced the Eventbrite Easy Entry app in May, many Eventbrite users have adopted it for event check-in. We’ve also heard a lot of feedback, and we’ve responded: support for larger events, support for repeating events, and the ability to scan barcodes were all features you requested. Keep the ideas coming!

The barcode scanning feature has empowered organizers, and we’ve seen a big increase in the number of check-ins using the app. It’s also surfaced the need for a few new features, which we’ve implemented in this update. Over the past month, we’ve been beta testing this version at a 20K person conference and at 4K+ person NYE parties.

Here are the new features in v2.5:

Dynamic List Updating

Before, when an attendee purchased a ticket online the event, their name would not automatically show up in the iPhone’s database. The only way to update the attendee list was to exit out to your list of events and re-download the entire list. Now, you can continue selling tickets online during your event because the app will dynamically update the list for any new tickets purchased during every sync. Keep in mind that a reliable cellular or Wi-Fi signal is required for proper syncing.

* Note: We have discovered a bug with this feature that seems to be isolated to the iPod Touch 4.

Physical Count of Attendees Checked In

We’ve found that many of our users will download the list to the app on Wi-Fi at home and then use the app “offline” at the event. Without the ability to sync with our servers, the organizer could not get an accurate headcount of the number of people checked in. In v2.5, the number at the top of the scanning screen represents the number checked in by that device. For an accurate headcount, the organizer can just sum up the number across all the scanning devices. Organizers with a reliable data connection can still see the aggregate total checked in to our servers in the search or list screens or under Event Info > Stats.

Limit Entry by Ticket Type

The app has been used to check in festivals, parties, conferences, and more. Often, these events require the need for separate access points for different ticket types—for example, a VIP or sponsors entrance. Now, in the app’s settings, there is an option to filter the attendee list for certain ticket type(s). All other ticket types will be rejected, and you will have to direct them to the proper entrance. This gives you greater power to control your entry points and line management for a seamless check-in process.

We are constantly striving to improve our service at Eventbrite and make your lives easier as event organizers. The product team and I want to hear about any issues you find, room for improvement, or feature requests. Pats on the back are appreciated too 😉

Download the app here, in iTunes, or in the App Store on your Apple device—and don’t forget to review and rate it! Also, feel free to provide any feedback in the comments or email me directly at