Summer is usually a time for blockbuster sequels, and at Eventbrite, we’re making no exceptions!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve worked with Groundwire Consulting to launch a new application for the Salesforce Appexchange. This application will replace the old Eventbrite Salesforce Connector, and will be called Eventbrite Sync.

Helping our users connect Eventbrite and Salesforce is very important to us — not only to serve our enterprise and small-medium sized business clients, but also because of it’s popularity among our NPO users.

This application will help our users:

  • Connect to your Eventbrite account from within Salesforce and import information about events, registrants and attendees
  • Selectively import event registrant and attendee information and optionally prevent duplicates by matching on email address
  • Import attendees into Lead or Contact objects
  • Record checked in orders
  • Optionally associate imported Lead or Contact records to a Campaign
  • Optionally create Opportunity records when payment transactions present
  • Remember your option selections for next import

Below are screen shots of the new application. To try it yourself, you can install it here or learn more by downloading the user guide here.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to sign up and use Eventbrite for your next event!

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