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As we begin a new year, millions of people will be setting new year’s resolutions – to eat better, exercise often, and get out more this year. And sharing goals with friends and family encourages people to achieve them together.

That’s why letting your attendees register as part of a group is a great way to get more people out to your event, whether it’s a 5K run, a student event, or gala. Each registrant can spread the word to rally others to join their group or team, and more people are willing to participate because they know they’re not alone.

Our enhanced group registration feature offers your attendees a fast and straightforward process to create groups, join and register as a group member. We also seamlessly integrated ways to help you increase event attendance and promotion, while still keeping it simple.

Team Reg Event Page
New event page look for group registration

New group registration features include:

  • Socially-connected group pages: Each group has a dedicated page that’s customizable, and with 1-click they can promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, or email their friends from this page.

  • Smarter group management tools: Group creators can access free email and invitation tools to rally others to join and easily communicate with group members. Email addresses can also be conveniently imported from their Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.

  • Mobile-friendly registration: The group creation and registration process is optimized for mobile devices making it possible for anyone to register for your event, wherever they are.

  • Additional password protection: You can turn on the optional setting for groups to set a password and restrict anyone without the password from joining their group.

You can still select between team, group, company, association, or organization as the type of registration to show on your event page. For example, you’ll want to use ‘team’ registration for your endurance events, and ‘company’ or ‘organization’ registration for your corporate events.

If you turn on the Registration Transfers setting for your event, your attendees will be able to change teams or their registration type on their own by logging into their Eventbrite account.

So what are you waiting for? Create an event and on the Manage page under Modify Order Options, click into the Order Form section to activate Group Registration and get started.

Note: The new Group Registration feature is currently available in the US only. We’ll be rolling this out more broadly in the coming weeks.