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2011 might go down in tech history as the year of the ‘daily deal.’

Due to the industry’s rise in popularity, daily deals have become popular among many event organizers. In some cases, our customers appreciate the ability to reach new markets, but have also had to adapt to some unique issues. The most common issues were centered around entry management because most daily deal sites won’t give the buyers’ email address to the event organizer, which means there is no way to deliver a PDF e-ticket. Additionally, we also heard organizers’ concerns around reporting and wishes to keep all attendee data aggregated.

As a work-around, event organizers will set up old-fashioned will call lines, avoid daily deals all together, or use Eventbrite discount codes to have attendees registered. We’ve listened to your concerns, and we’ve created a better way.

We created an access code feature with the idea of serving our customers who use daily deals.

Here are the best practices from our experience. If you have any specific questions or concerns with a daily deal provider, we’d love to help you out with you situation – just contact us here!

Executing a successful daily deal requires successful collaboration with the company providing the daily deal. Clear and specific communication with your representatives at daily deal sites is essential.

  1. Contact your daily deal provider and explain to them why it’s important for you to sync the daily deal site with Eventbrite.
    • Commonly, we hear that organizers need attendees to receive PDF e-tickets so that they can manage entrances and capacities.
    • Other common reasons include aggregating reporting, managing sales capacity, and more.
  2. Inform your daily deal rep that you need to issue each of your buyers a unique redemption code for each ticket that they purchase.
    • Some daily deal sites will require that they generate that list of unique codes for you. This is fine – we’ve factored in a feature for this.
    • Confirm that the daily deals site can give a unique discount code for each of the buyers.
  3. Upload your unique list of codes as Access Codes.
    • The list of codes should be in a .txt or .csv file
    • We have a full tutorial on creating access codes here.
  4. Inform your daily deal rep that they need to include clear and specific messaging that instruct attendees to redeem their access code for a ticket.
    • Include language such as: “Buyer must redeem their ticket with promotional code here:!”
    • Have the daily deal site include this language in as many places as possible: on the deal page, on the confirmation page, in the confirmation email, and everywhere else!
    • This is one of the most important steps and can derail efforts if not executed properly.
    • It’s still a good idea to keep a list of daily deal purchasers at the event, because some will inevitably not redeem on Eventbrite!

We hope that helps. Best of luck with your event!

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