The simple mention of the holiday season brings to mind all sorts of seasonally-specific ways we spend our time, from holiday dinners to New Year’s parties and all types of holiday heraldry in between. With millions of events of all sizes on Eventbrite, we have a unique vantage point into what sorts of events people search for and attend, year-round. With that, we’re pleased to share this year’s first annual Eventbrite Holiday Celebration Trends.

Our little partridge in a pear tree (i.e., our lead data scientist) dug into the depths of Eventbrite’s vast dataset of events and ran a consumer survey to share the cultural trends in how the holidays are being commemorated and celebrated this year:

Power Partiers: 20% of the people who took the survey plan to attend 3+ holiday events/parties* this holiday season. That’s a lot of egg nog, folks.

A VERY Merry 2013: Over 60% of people plan to attend as many or more holiday events in 2013 as they did last year!

Evenbrite_Holiday Events
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Most Popular Ways to Celebrate: There’s no shortage of creativity and variety when it comes to getting festive, but a few genres of events stand out as the most popular holiday social staples:

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    • Company parties were the #1 type of holiday event people plan to attend (31%), followed closely by New Year’s Eve events (30%).

    • Cocktail parties (18%), and bar crawls (8%) are also amongst the most popular ways to get festive.

    • Holiday concerts (14%), public tree-trimming/lighting events (12%), theme parties (hello, ugly holiday sweaters events!) (13%) and theatrical shows (12%) rounded out the types of holiday celebrations respondents plan on attending this holiday season.

See any similarities to how you celebrate with friends and family?

The Most Event-Filled Day: Wondering when the holiday celebrations hit the high point? Year over year, the most event-filled day of the holidays is December 31st, a.k.a. New Year’s Eve (makes sense to us!). In 2012, December 31 saw 2X the average number of events of any other day in the year**, and 2013 is shaping up to the same trend. The least event-filled days of the year? December 26 and January 2, naturally, as people are recovering from their Christmas and New Year’s Eve blow-outs.

The 10 Merriest Municipalities: Do major US cities have all of the holiday fun? We think not, but they sure know how to throw a holiday event. Check out the country’s most holiday event-filled cities:

      1. New York

      2. San Francisco

      3. Chicago

      4. Washington D.C.

      5. Atlanta

      6. Los Angeles

      7. Boston

      8. Houston

      9. Austin

      10. San Diego

The King of Holiday Events: New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular types of holiday events, with one in three planning to attend one this year–and it sure can be pricey to attend, too. We peeked in at New Year’s Eve events happening across the country to give an understanding of what you can expect to pay to ring in 2014. The average cost of a 2014 New Year’s Eve event ticket is currently $68***, but there’s plenty (42%) of events for those who want to reign in the New Year for less than $50. Check out Eventbrite tips on how to setup your own New Year’s Eve event.

Tips for a Successful Holiday Event Season:

    • Kill Two (Event) Birds with One Stone: Dying to see college friends? Invite ‘em to your coworkers holiday fundraiser. Need to log some one-on-one time with mom? Bring her to the local craft bazaar at the community center. Be an efficient event-goer by inviting the people you’re excited about spending time with to the events you’re excited about attending.

    • Be Your Own Ho-Ho-Host and Personalize the Party. If traditional holiday events aren’t quite your style, chart your own course! Do it your way and throw a celebration yourself, choosing how and with whom you spend the season. Eventbrite makes it easy to handle the logistics of hosting an event of any size, whether you want to host a private holiday soiree or a large-scale community bash.

    • Tap into Hot Holiday Trends. This year, calorie-neutral and debt-free holidays are on-trend, so as you book or organize your holiday celebrations, consider:

      • Ornament exchanges and ugly sweater parties

      • Holiday sing-a-longs and dance jams (we like to think of these events as the place where caroling, karaoke and Zumba intersect!)

      • Teaming up with friends to do an endurance event in the AM, and to eat an indulgent dinner in the PM

For awesome events happening in your area, check out the latest on Eventbrite.

* Eventbrite-commissioned Google Consumer Survey of 1,011 US consumers, November 2013. All survey respondents plan to attend at least one holiday event/party between  Dec. 1, 2013 and Jan 2, 2014.  ** Based on Eventbrite data comparing Dec. 31 number of events against every other day of the year.*** Based on Eventbrite data of 2012 average cost of US events occurring on Dec. 31.