How to Create Your Own Event Supernova, Part Two


How do you sustain your event supernova? In part one, Dallas Event Evangelist, Damany Daniel, discussed how to create an explosion of event greatness. Now, Damany explores how to keep this explosion going during and after the event.


It’s time for your event to reach supernova status. Dallas Event Evangelist tells you how.

At the Door

We need to convey what we do at every phase of the event. Is it just signage or a logo loop at the door? If so, is that enough? There’s no right answer here. Don’t be gimmicky or gamey, but provide the right onsite promotion that your audience will love and be attracted to. By understanding your audience, you can add value and make your “at the door” experience a win.

Think about what they leave knowing about you, your company and your product; not only because you hopped on stage, but because they were truly exposed in a unique way?

Make it Sticky

What are we doing at the event to make our brands “sticky?” What can we do that really makes people think, “Oh my gosh, (insert name of company) is friggin awesome!”?

At Eventbrite, I’m constantly thinking, “how can we make our orange glow stay at the top of their minds no matter any other messages they are receiving?” After our events, we should all see a significant uptick in web traffic, foot traffic, conversations, or other metrics you are interested in.

More than that, we want to make post event actions engaging to the customers. We want them to be more than just numbers in our post-event report. We want them to be connected with what we do by attending future events and loving us because we love them. We want them to be become rabid lovers of who we are and our own evangelists.

Talk With Them, Talk Like Us

It’s all about communicating with our guests the way they want to be communicated with, in our own unique voice. What’s our local integrated marketing campaign or what platforms are we going to use to communicate before, during, and after the event? I personally have an intern (whom I trust immensely) whose primary job is to monitor social media traffic and respond right before and during the event (under some brand guidelines).

Lastly: Spawn the supernova

su·per·no·va [soo-per-noh-vuh]  noun, plural -vas, -vae

1. The explosion of a star, possibly caused by gravitational collapse, during which the star’s luminosity increases by as much as 20 magnitudes and most of the star’s mass is blown away at very high velocity, sometimes leaving behind an extremely dense core.

We have a chance to light up the sky in orange and white (or whatever your brand’s colors are) with every event. What will people see when they walk in and what will make them think we’ve made their lives “briter,” just by being in attendance? What are we going to do that makes people feel like the event ended too soon and they just want more? What will we do to make people practically beg us for another chance to be a part of whatever we are doing? What can we do to create supernova experiences for each one of our attendees?

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