Today’s guest post is written by Daniel Brusilovsky, founder and CEO of Teens in Tech Labs, a company dedicated to helping jumpstart young entrepreneurs. Their upcoming 2011 Teens in Tech Conference is sponsored by Eventbrite.

For the past three years, Teens in Tech Labs’ goal is to help as many young entrepreneurs as possible. We believe that entrepreneurship doesn’t have a certain age or knowledge limit. If you’re passionate about something, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve that.

Part of what we do is host conferences and events that bring together youth, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. One thing we notice about companies and brands trying to reach the younger audience is how hard they try, and forget that they’re trying to reach an audience that’s not always as technologically involved as others, especially in Silicon Valley. With that being said, here are three tips on how to engage, motivate, and listen to the next generation of industry leaders.

1. Content is key

In entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur that has the most engaging content is successful. Basically, an entrepreneur can’t expect that people have their attention; they have to earn their attention. But when you observe the market, it is clear that not every entrepreneur has gotten the message.

Content is a key piece in order to engage the next generation of industry leaders.

2. Short is sweet

Short is good and short is sweet. No entrepreneur has the attention span nowadays to listen to long stories. The shorter and simpler the message, the easier it is for an entrepreneur to remember the point you are trying to communicate.

3. Don’t try too hard

Creativity can stumble when goals are set beyond achievability. Entrepreneurs need to set concrete, near-term goals that are reasonable, yet encourage continued innovation. They need to remember the idea that sparked the company, and constantly think about the users, not getting distracted by things they can’t control or distant possibilities that deviate from near term deliverables.

The growing user base of the Internet and social services are young adults. It’s time we focus on them every once in a while. And while all of this is going on, you have to remember to give provide tools and resources to our future leaders. After all, soon enough it will be our youth running the country and the large companies in the world.

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