Our UK team, (aka Brit-lings) are on the ground in London to support our UK fans, followers, and organizers.

When I came on board the Eventbrite team, I was charged to lead our International expansion. It was an opportunity to make Eventbrite more global friendly, and help the team ticket the worlds events.

But, the world is a pretty big market, right? So, how did we decide where to go first? Well, I purchased a map. Then, I challenged the team to shoot Nerf guns at it, to see where Eventbrite should first plant our orange flag.

Just kidding. Sort of.

In reality, our strategy is based on analyzing lots of data, listening to our loyal customers, and understanding market opportunity.

Today, I am thrilled to share our first step along this journey. Eventbrite is now in the United Kingdom! We launched our first localized product, eventbrite.co.uk, and opened doors to our first global office in London.

UK Product and Operations Features Include:

  • Localized date format (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • 24-hour clock format
  • Localized spelling changes, UK-English event page language
  • VAT support for those who need to add taxes to tickets
  • Showcase of events in the UK on the homepage
  • Extended local support hours and sales (we are hiring, too!)

At two simultaneous launch parties, our team is toasting to what is just the beginning of our international expansion. At Eventbrite, we’re all about ticketing the world’s events, and we see our UK site and London operation as a great first step along that journey. Stay tuned for where our internationalization and travels take us next!

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