Think today is just another Tuesday? Think again. Today, people from all across the globe will be celebrating the accomplishments of Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer.

Born to Lady Anne Isabella Byron and Lord George Gordon Byron (yes, THE Lord Byron), Ada is the famed poet’s only legitimate child. Ada’s mother was terrified that she’d inherit her father’s madness, so she made sure her tutoring was heavy on the math and science and fairly light on the poetry. Lady Byron’s efforts paid off, as Ada soon grew to be a mathematical genius.

While working with Charles Babbage, Ada wrote the first computer algorithm: a method for calculating Bernoulli’s numbers). Later on, Ada also predicted computers’ ability to do more than just calculate mathematical equations.

Unfortunately, Lovelace’s life was ended prematurely due to cancer and she was never able to see the reality of her predictions on the possibility of computing. Her writings were rediscovered in the 1940’s, and has since been celebrated as one of the most important individuals in the history of computing. Every year in mid-October, individuals around the globe gather to celebrate her achievements and the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Are you celebrating Ada Lovelace Day? Check out some of the celebrations going on worldwide and be sure to raise your glass and toast to Ada Lovelace today!

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