Handling Invites With Care: Six Steps to Ensure Your Email is Opened

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How can you ensure that your email isn't marked as "spam" when it hits a recipient's inbox?
How can you ensure that your email isn’t marked as “spam” when it hits a recipient’s inbox?

Perhaps you’ve had the same email list for years, and you always invite the same people. It’s no big deal if they don’t want to come to your next event; they only have to delete your email!

Maybe people signed up to receive your emails, but they forgot and have marked your invitations as spam.

Or, this might be your first Eventbrite invitation that you send to a list of recipients, and you want to be sure your message is read!

Whatever your situation, Eventbrite wants to help you better manage the email invitations you send. Here are some best practices to get your invitations to their intended audiences, legally and ethically!

1) Collect Addresses Responsibly

If you’re collecting addresses to market your events, ensure that anyone giving you their email address knows they are consenting to receive future marketing email from you. This avoids any future frustration on the attendee part, and helps ensure that your messaging is targeted to the people who want it most.

2) Clean Up Your Email Lists

When someone you’ve invited issues a complaint, remove them from your address book.

This is critical. Email recipients issue complaints in three ways on Eventbrite. They unsubscribe, they mark your email as spam, or they block you. If a recipient does unsubscribe, simply remove them from your address book before your next event.

3) Create Targeted Invitations

One way to remind people that they have signed up to receive invitations is to be incredibly specific in your invitation.

You can create personalized sets of invitations easily with Eventbrite. For example, if you were at a conference and people signed up at your booth or workshop, your invitation can include a reminder of that event, such as, “We hope you enjoyed the 4th Annual Gem and Bead Tradeshow and we would love to invite you to our gem evaluation seminar.”

4) Diversify Your Marketing

Email is not the only way to market your event. Share it on your favorite social network, too. Eventbrite has great social sharing options for FacebookTwitter, and more!

5) Be Honest and Specific

Nobody wants to open email marked “Watch the Cute Puppy” and instead see that you have a puppy-training seminar. Be as honest and specific as possible about your event in the invitation. It’s fun to create invitations with style and flavor, just ensure you’re not obscuring your real intent.

6) Send to People, Not Groups

If anyone in the group thinks your invitation is spam, the entire group will be blocked from receiving any updates about your event. It’s much better to email individuals!

You also have a legal obligation to ensure that you don’t spam. Read more about the Can-Spam act here.

Eventbrite covers a lot of the legal fine print by providing your recipients an easy link for unsubscribing in the footer of each email. If any of your recipients complain to you directly, it is best to inform them of the unsubscribe option and direct them there.

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