Last week in San Francisco, we had the privilege to provide the ticketing solution for the Tipping Point Benefit, a fantastic fundraiser for the Tipping Point Community—a Bay Area grant network that funds great local NPOs, specifically those dedicated to poverty issues.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, we believe an awesome cause calls for an awesome event, and Tipping Point didn’t disappoint. Grammy-winning singer John Legend performed at SF’s legendary Warfield Theater (legends all around!), and the event pulled in a cool $6M for the cause—double last year’s take! Nearly 1500 attendees took in the show. We’re thrilled that Eventbrite for Causes, our recently launched program designed specially for NPOS, is helping to empower such amazing live experiences.

You can read all about the event and the cause here. And you can sign up for Eventbrite for Causes here.