Eventbrite Partners with Global Poverty Project to Raise Awareness of Poverty Crisis


It’s the middle of the day, and lunch is around the corner. So quick question – how much have you already spent on food this morning? How about that $4 cup of coffee you had to have to keep you going at the office, or the egg sandwich you just couldn’t resist?

It’s amazing how much we can spend every day without even thinking about it. But what’s even more amazing is how little some people live off of in the world because they have no other choice.

1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty each and every day.

That’s why we at Eventbrite are so excited to be supporting and working with The Global Poverty Project, whose goal is to eradicate extreme global poverty within a generation. They are excited to announce their Live Below the Line campaign, which challenges people to sign up and agree to live off of just $1.50 a day, for five days, on all of their food and drink expenses.

That’s a week of no Starbucks, no food deliveries, and no afternoon vending machine treats. Through fundraising efforts, the Live Below the Line campaign is hoping to raise a lot of money to aid the Global Poverty Project’s partner charities.

We caught up with Danielle of the Global Poverty Project, who had this to say about it:

“The challenge is designed to generate dialogue about extreme poverty in the developing world and shed light on the 1.4 billion people that live on $1.50 a day for all expenses—food, drink, medicine, school fees, and housing. The real challenge for these 1.4 billion people is whether they will eat or care for a relative if they become sick. Food or medicine? What an impossible choice. The exciting news is that we know so much about what it takes to end extreme poverty and that it is possible. Already we have had incredible success–last year we were able to secure $118 million for polio vaccinations; India announced a few weeks ago that they have been polio free for a year.”

Eventbrite is working with The Global Poverty Project as they plan a cross-country tour to different universities, schools and organizations to spread the word about this campaign with their 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation.

Danielle adds, “We’ll be driving around in a van and staying with friends and family—it’s a very grassroots effort. The presentation is about the successes and road blocks to ending extreme poverty. We’re giving really practical information to audiences about how they can address these issues. We hope to empower audiences with the information to take action—be it through reading a book on extreme poverty and talking about it with neighbors, signing a petition, donating to our partner charities, or doing the Live Below the Line campaign. There are so many ways to share your voice and we want to let audiences know that they do have a tangible impact.”

In addition to helping them with staffing during their events, the organization is also excited to be working with Eventbrite to be able to closely track their ticketing and attendance at each event, and monitor their progress as they plan for future goals.

And Eventbrite is stoked to helping be a part of such a big movement! To find out how you can join the Live Below the Line campaign and get involved, follow them on Twitter at @LBLUS or find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/globalpovertyproject. Be sure to look out for their events in a city near you.

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