If you’re like me, you rely on your phone for pretty much everything: to help you get where you need to go, find good places to eat, connect with your friends, snap cool photos… Well, that list just got longer. I’m happy to say you can now use your phone to find amazing local events and register or buy tickets directly from the new Eventbrite app.

When you download or update the Eventbrite app on your iPhone, you’ll see a sweet new page to help you easily search for events happening anywhere, at any time. A localized version will be available soon and Android is on the way!

When you click Find Events, the default setting shows nearby events going on today (or tonight, depending on the time of search). But you can also search for different types of events and change the location. If you’re interested in only attending free events, you can use the filters to show only free events or explore those within your price range or distance. There’s also a handy filter that will show events happening today, tomorrow, or this weekend, so you can plan accordingly.


Best of all, if you find an event you’re interested in, you can register and/or buy your tickets for the event, and pull up your ticket to get into the event — all within the Eventbrite app. You can save a tree and a trip home to print out your tickets.

In addition to accessing your tickets and event info with the Eventbrite app, you can now:
– Find and buy tickets to events in your area
– Sort event listing by search relevance and distance to event
– Filter events by date and price

More and more people have been asking us to help them find things to do – and places to go – on the fly.  This week, we’re starting to deliver on that need and it’s only the beginning of our efforts in helping you navigate the amazing world of events happening around you. We have a lot more planned for the coming months, so be sure to check back soon!