And on the fourth day of #AppyHolidays, my true love gave to me … integrated communications and marketing tracking!

If that last sentence didn’t get you excited, you’re probably not interested in the sexy world of online marketing (hey, it’s not for everyone). But, if you are an event organizer that gets excited when they hear words like “optimization” or “return on investment”, then you’re going to love today’s tool: EventSneaker.

eslogoWhat is EventSneaker? EventSneaker integrates your communication across email platforms and social media accounts allowing you to target communications effectively and track individual pieces of content to ticket sales, not just clicks or traffic. Every marketer attempts to optimize how to publish, analyze, and refine their promotion and EventSneaker gives you the tools to do so.

Integration Description: EventSneaker syncs your list of Eventbrite attendees to track back sales to specific communication or pieces of content. This means that you’ll no longer have to aggregate data from multiple platforms in order to determine a ROI on your campaigns.

Want to learn more? Head on over to EventSneaker to get started!

In case you’re just joining us for the ‘Appy Holidays campaign, we’re launching 12 new apps in December and here is what you’ve missed!

  1. Localist: An Embeddable Calendar App that Syncs your Eventbrite Events
  2. Vamos: Discover Eventbrite events (and more) on iOS
  3. Salesformics: A CRM that Automatically Imports Eventbrite Attendees