On Thursday, March 4, Eventbrite will be hosting a webinar on how to build an online community. Establishing and growing an online community is among the most crucial strategies an eventholder can pursue: it is an unparalleled viral promotional tool before events, and it ensures that connections persist well after an event is finished. Yet still many eventholders neglect to foster these communities, or assume they will take care of themselves.

Webinar attendees will learn about this key subject from three experts in the field: Jessica Levin is a professional event organizer with expertise in both Web 2.0 and traditional marketing strategies. Jordan Schwartz is the CEO of Pathable, an online community product. And Tamara Mendelsohn is Eventbrite’s Director of Marketing, a former senior analyst with Forrester Research, and a passionate advocate for the power of social media as a marketing tool.

We’re excited to be involved with this webinar, and are confident that even social media gurus will find it useful. Learn more or sign up now and join us on March 4!

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