We’ve caught some amazing events on film in our Eventbrite video series: there’s been the innovative “farmer’s market” for wine, SF Vintner’s Market, and the groundbreaking NYC TechCrunch Disrupt conference. We sat in on the lively cooking classes of PartiesThatCook and we watched performers get embarrassed on purpose at Mortified. We hope these have been fun to watch, and that they’ve given you just a small taste of the many great events we get here at Eventbrite!

Today’s installment is one you have to check out, especially if you’re interested in event ticketing for concerts and other performing arts events. The New Parish is a fantastic club in downtown Oakland which routinely gets top indie and mainstream acts. We’re thrilled to have the venue as an Eventbrite ticketing partner, and think they’re a great example of what a music venue can do with Eventbrite.