Hear ye, hear ye! Come one, come all to Eventbrite Town Hall!

What is Eventbrite Town Hall?

Eventbrite Town Hall is a place where we can gather with our customers to share a brief update on what we’ve been working on and then answer questions and discuss any issues that you want to talk about. It’s all the fun that a public company gets with an investor call, but since we’re not public we get to meet with you, our wonderfully *brite* customers instead. It will be an open forum featuring you and our founder and president, Julia Hartz.

We will limit it to 25 attendees so that we can have a good discussion with an intimate group.

When is the first Town Hall?

Tuesday, November 17th at 11am Pacific

How often will they take place?

We will hold Town Halls on a monthly basis.

How do I register?
Right here!