Last week a devastating earthquake struck Haiti’s capital city of Port-Au-Prince. Today, rescue workers are still pulling people from the rubble and aid is urgently needed to get the food, water, medicine, and security to a country in need. Around the world, dedicated and passionate individuals and organizations are gathering people together to raise money for this urgent cause.

Eventbrite is waiving fees for all non-profit organizations who are throwing events to raise money for aid efforts in Haiti as our way of showing solidarity and support in this time of need. By coming together event organizers and attendees can impact positive change and inspire others to participate.

Mike Kim who is organizing a benefit event in San Francisco with Glide told us, “When people come together to support a cause through an event, they are subjected to a new view, a new emotion, and a refreshed drive to continue the fight to raise awareness or funds.” At Eventbrite we believe in the power of events and are committed to helping our event holders support this important cause.

If you are a non-profit organization putting on a relief event, please submit your event so we can waive your fees by applying to our non-profit program, Eventbrite for Causes.

Check out our international listing of Haiti relief events to gather with others near you to show support.

We encourage anyone to support the relief efforts in Haiti by donating to the Red Cross, Oxfam, or any other charitable organization that is mobilized to assist the Haitian people. Google has also put together a list of organizations that need support.